Outdoor TV


Ever considered the possibility of being able to watch a sporting fixture, feature film or photos with friends in an outside environment - perhaps even in a hot tub? You can with this outdoor TV.

Due to the natural light outside, traditional TV’s can’t be viewed in an external environment. A brightness level of between 400 cd/m2 and 500 cd/m2 is generally considered sufficient in most indoor environments and outdoor TV’s need to be significantly brighter. This TV is specifically designed for outdoor use and has a display of 1000 cd/m2 for a 32” screen and 1500 cd/m2 for 42” + screens. With an anti-glare screen included, it’s capable of being viewed in direct sunlight.

Adopting an aluminium design enables a temperature control system in this TV to operate without the need for noisy fans.  It has a Super slim design and a weight approximately 50% lighter than most other outdoor screens, making it more manageable to move/position to fit your required location.

With a capability of operating in temperatures between -20 and +60 celsius, being either wall mounted or free standing, having a plug and play capability, high definition display, tuner and multiple audio/video inputs, this TV offers great flexibility in any domestic setting.

Screen size options are as below:

32”  -  TV dimension 787mm x 491mm x 69mm, Contrast ratio 25000:1, Weight 21kg

42” -  TV dimension 986mm x 592mm x 85mm, Contrast ratio 30000:1, Weight 32kg.

55” - TV dimension 1272mm x 755mm x 80mm, Contrast ratio 50000:1, Weight 45kg.

65” - TV dimension 1537mm x 921mm x 73mm, Contrast ratio 60000:1, Weight 65kg.

All options have a power input range AC 110 – 240w

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