Hot Tub - Spruce

Hot tubs provide a great addition to the garden - perfect for relaxation and socialising with friends. This spruce hot tub is 1.8m in diameter and can accommodate between 6 and 8 people.

Spruce is the ideal material for a hot tub as it is resistant to shrinking and will keep its shape, is less resinous than many other commonly used woods and will retain its finish for longer. It is also thought to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which aid the body’s natural healing process.

The wooden hot tub consists of a hand-crafted wooden tub and wood-fired stove. The internal stove is separated from the bathing area by a wooden fence, which serves the dual purpose of protecting the stove and bathers alike, and wood is simply fed into the unit from the top.

The tub comes fully equipped with all the essentials, including matching steps, heater and chimney components, a practical standard drain (with the plug from inside) and the hot tub itself, which features seats, a protective heater fencing, and stainless steel straps.

Water volume is approximately 1800 litres and the weight is approximately 240kg. 



Height – 100cm (Top Rim Decoration +5cm)

Wood thickness – 42 millimetres

Floor thickness – 39 millimetres

Please note that the tub comes fully assembled and transfer to site is not included - four individuals are recommended to move the tub into position.

The following extras are included in this price:

1. Wooden Lid and top rim decoration.

Made of spruce, it keeps debris out and allows the water to reach maximum temperature quicker.

Please note: the wooden lid will react to the steam and sun and over time may get warped eventually, regardless of how well the wood is treated. This will still do the job it was designed for but may lose the brand new aesthetic look. This is considered as normal wear and tear and will not be covered under any warrant

2. High Flow Drain Tap

Is a custom made stainless steel elbow shape pipe and a valve fitted on the side of the wall, enabling you to drain your water in a matter of minutes.

3. Top Rim Decoration

 Provides a place to comfortably rest your head, to set your drinks/candles on and also a  convenient bench so that you can sit outside of the tub but keep your feet in

4. LED Underwater Lighting

Designed to provide the maximum effect of illumination, it helps to set the mood as well as guiding users on their way in to the hot tub..

5. Chimney Heat Guard

As the chimney and stove’s lid becomes very hot, the chimney heat guard, prevents accidents to small children – and to guests who have had a few drinks!

6. Stirring Paddle

As the wood fired hot tubs get hot, the stirring paddle is used to keep temperature at a consistent level throughout the tub (it only requires 3-4 stirs during the heating process)

7. Mini Bar

What hot tub is complete without a mini bar? This wooden minibar stand has four slots so that your drinks don’t get knocked over and into the water (additional mini bars can be supplied on request)

8. Natural Linseed Oil

All wood is a natural product it needs to be treated to prolong its life and maintain its appearance. It’s recommended that natural linseed oil (or similar) is applied annually to keep your hot tub in its best shape.



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