Bayan Audio Waterproof Outdoor Speakers

If you are hosting a garden party it’s always helpful to have some background music to create the right ambience but the noise level still needs to be acceptable to your neighbours. Bayan Audio SoundScene weatherproof speakers have been designed to provide subtle background music all over the garden, where up to eight speakers can be wirelessly linked together to create a very welcoming atmosphere for your guests or to simply relax to on a summer's afternoon.

The speaker has an elegant, contemporary design which makes it perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. With its built-in silicone impact protection it is rugged enough to resist knocks and is splash-proof and weather-proof, so it isn’t a problem if you forget to take your speaker inside. The built-in rechargeable battery plays for up to 8 hours, allowing you to take the speaker wherever you want. There is also a hanger which helps to position it at any height above the ground.

Multiple speakers are connected via bluetooth and you can place the speakers up 100 feet from each other, playing music from your device wirelessly between them. You can even adjust the volume on every speaker individually to make the most of every conversation.

The Bayan Audio SoundScene helps to surround yourself with music, everyday, at any time, wherever you want.

Free delivery offered in the UK.

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