Traditional Light Planter


Design based on a traditional Terracotta plant pot.  Great for the larger space or commercial property, these planters can be planted with large ornamental trees or shrubs, then with the built in lighting, create a stunning visual experiance.


Planters can be planted with real or artificial plants, each planter has it's own drainage stystem to allow excess water to escape, so no fear of damage to electrics. Simple operation to create that perfect ambiance.


Fully remote control operated with all below functions



  1. White light with dimmer control.
  2. 15 prefixed colours available.
  3. Flashing option.
  4. Strobe light option.
  5. Soft colour rotation.
  6. Sharp colour rotation.
  7. On /Off switch.


  • Fully weather proof.
  • Shock resistant, (very hard to break)
  • UV resistant
  • Mains adabpter supplied
  • In built watering system.
  • Low energy comsumption
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Fully weather proof.
Size (W,D,H)
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