Posted on by Kirsty McGeorge

Follow our easy guide on what is hot right now to make your outside space the perfect setting for a dinner party.

First of all decide on where you are going to spend the evening, perhaps starting with sundowners in this gorgeous Softub. We love these tubs for their contemporary look, soft feel and very reasonable price tag. With various surround options to choose from, you can design a finish to really complement your own space. A unique feature of these tubs is that they are completely portable without needing a concrete base - so you can be free to move it around your garden as you wish or from season to season.

Photo of a softub set on decking

As the sun goes down the lights come on. It is hard to convey just how well lighting transforms any outside space at night. Dark corners come alive, specimen planting is shown to full advantage and the scene is set for the rest of the evening. There are a plethora of lighting styles to choose from so it helps to carry on the style of your house outside into the garden to give a sense of continuity. These special cube seat lights kill three birds with one stone by giving light, focal points and seating options all in one go.

Picture of cube stools

We think these globes are a fantastic undercover complimentary light that look fabulous nestled amongst shrubs around the rest of your garden or perhaps lining your driveway or main path, leading your guests towards the house. They are available in various sizes and they can also be mounted on pedestals above a gate for example.

Picture of globelights

The long summer evenings give the perfect excuse for hours spent outside of an evening, preferably with friends and a chilled bottle of chablis...Uncomfortable seating can really put a damper on a social evening which is why we highly recommend these outdoor rattan furniture sets. With a wide array of designs to choose from and over 40 cushion fabric options, any style can be matched whether you are cool contemporary or country classic. Most importantly, with the busyness of our lives, is that they are extremely easy to look after, only needing the odd wipe to keep clean and they can be left out in all weather conditions.

Picture of rattan furniture

What is a gathering without some background (or not so background!) music? We absolutely adore these outdoor bluetooth speakers by Bayan Audio. With the ability to link up to 8 speakers with a range of 100 foot around your garden and individually adjust the volume on each one, surround sound starts to take on a completely new meaning. Designed to work with modern technology, simply plug your phone or tablet into the port to get started, it runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours, doesn't require wifi and is water resistant too. Festival anyone?

Picture of bluetooth speakers

These are just a few products to get your tastebuds tingling of what is available for your garden, keep an eye out for more blog posts on our recommended products as we keep abreast with what is on trend for 2017 or look through our store for further inspiration.